Noble - French Fine Flavours

1 May 2024 - 31 May 2024



French cuisine, renowned for its finesse and flavour, has a storied history that has evolved through the centuries. It is celebrated for its diverse range of techniques and ingredients, which have been honed to perfection, earning it a place at the heart of culinary excellence.


Among the treasures of French gastronomy is the delicate white asparagus, with the peak season of savouring in every April to June. White asparagus is grown completely under the soil to avoid sunlight, preventing photosynthesis. Compared to its green counterparts, the white asparagus comes with a sweeter and more delicate flavour.


In this May, Noble is celebrating the white asparagus season with Poached White Asparagus with Hollandaise; Grilled White Asparagus topped with Iberico Ham and Crispy Parmesan, Braised Morel and Shallot Condiment; Jerusalem Artichoke Velouté with Mountain Ham and Foie Gras; White Asparagus Pasta with Prawn and Comté Cheese Sauce; and Braised French Black Chicken with Yellow Wine and Morel Mushroom.



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